Important Dates

Application :




 Friday to Tuesday

 27th October, 2023 to 12th  December, 2023

 Application opens


Admission Test / Group Discussion :





 15th December, 2023

 List of candidates selected for Science and Elective English Admission Test and Group Discussion will be announced at 2.00 P.M.


 21st December, 2023

 Science and English Elective Admission Test and Group discussion.


 6th January, 2024

 Counselling for Non SBGS students



Final List:





 5th January, 2024

 List of candidates selected for admission at 1.30 p.m.


Eligibility Criteria

Candidate should clear Class X board examination (CBSE / ICSE / any other State Board).

Fee Structure

For 1st quarter for the year 2023 – 2024


Fee Head Science (Rs.) Commerce (Rs.) Humanities (Rs.) Payable
Tuition Fee 28,005 28,005 28,005 Quarterly
Allied Activity Fee 2,205 2,205 2,205 Quarterly
Supplementary Facility Fee 3,300 2,400 3,300 Quarterly
Diary & I.D. Card 125 125 125 Annually
Total (without optional) 33,635 32,735 33,635
Admission Fee 50,000 50,000 50,000 New Admission only


2nd Quarter - (without optional) Rs.33,510/- Rs.32,610/- Rs.33,510/-
3rd Quarter - (without optional) Rs.33,510/- Rs.32,610/- Rs.33,510/-
4th Quarter - (without optional) Rs.33,510/- Rs.32,610/- Rs.33,510/-

Computer Science / Informatics Practices (Optional) : Rs.2,250/- Quarterly

* Fee structure is subject to change


General Instructions

Candidates interested in applying for class XI (2024 - 25), please read the following instructions carefully :


You must have the following documents with you at the time of applying for online admission, as these need to be uploaded with the application form :

(i) Soft copy of colour photographs in Jpeg, Jpg format (not more than 3 months old) - Size: not more than 20 KB with a dimension of 160X200.

(ii) Scanned copy of the board admit card or birth certificate from the Corporation, if admit card is not available. (not more than 200 KB).

(iii) Scanned copy of class X Half Yearly Examination report card or last major examination conducted in class X. (not more than 200 KB)
     Scanned copy of Board mark sheet, if available. (not more than 200 KB)

(iv) Scanned copy of Address Proof (Aadhar Card / Voter Card / Passport)(not more than 200 KB)

(v) Copy of letter attested by the school (on the school letter head), indicating the Mathematics level opted for, in the Board Examination (CBSE), in case the candidate wants to opt for Mathematics.

(vi) Copy of the registration receipt provided by Admission Tree in Jpeg, Jpg format.



i) All applications to be made through ADMISSION TREE.

(ii) A valid personal e-mail id and mobile number of the applicant and parents is required for communication.

(iii) Maximum of TWO Streams per candidate can be applied and paid for prior to filling up the form.

(iv) You will be required to make an online payment of Rs.1125.00 + 23.00 (GST charges) per stream against the registration charges.

(v) Once the payment has been made, a receipt will be generated and mailed by ADMISSION TREE to the candidate’s email address provided at the time of registration. For all other communication with ADMISSION TREE, the acknowledgement number given by them needs to be quoted.

(vi) After successful payment of registration charges, you will be redirected to the school’s ERP page to complete the application process. Applicant will be sent an SMS with the campus care ID and password which should be kept for taking a printout of the form.

(vii) After applying for one stream, if the candidate wants to apply for a second stream, login to the Admission Tree page and select ‘Existing Applicant’ and one stream. You will be redirected to the ERP software after the registration payment has been made where you will need to enter only the details of the second stream.

(viii) Candidates with Basic Mathematics (CBSE) are not eligible for Science Stream and also cannot opt for Mathematics in Commerce and Humanities Stream.

(ix) Candidates opting for any Stream will have to apply for five subjects and the sixth compulsory subject (Hindi Core / Bengali). 

(x) Candidates should fill in the particulars (i.e. name, date of birth and parents’ names) correctly. The date of birth filled in the form must tally with the one recorded in the Municipal Corporation Birth Certificate or Admit Card.

(xi) Editing is not permissible after submitting the form.

(xii) Forms submitted via fax, e-mail or any mode other than stated above will not be accepted.

(xiii) If your application form is successfully submitted the ERP software will generate an Acknowledgement Receipt with an Application Form No. which you must use in all further correspondence with the school. The Acknowledgement Receipt will also reflect a USER-ID and a PASSWORD. (Please make sure the Pop - up Blocker is turned off to get the Acknowledgement Receipt).

(xiv) Take a print out of the submitted Application Form and Acknowledgement Receipt as these will be required for Group Discussion. Print out might not be possible once the online application process is closed. (Important: Applicants applying for two streams must take a print out of the form showing both the streams. DO NOT take print out of the screen shot, since it will be treated as incomplete).

(xv) The Management of the school reserves all rights of admission or rejection and is not bound to give reasons for admission or rejection of any particular candidate. (The selection procedure is designed by a Committee and the selection of the candidate is done by the Management).

(xvi) The School does not accept any donation for admissions. There may be third parties making false claims of procuring admission and collecting money on behalf of the School. If they enter into any transaction with such parties, they will be doing so at their own risk and the school shall not be responsible for it. The school will appreciate if it is made aware of such person(s) so that proper legal action can be taken against them.

(xvii) No telephonic enquiry to the school about admissions will be entertained. For any enquiry, contact Admission Tree.

(xviii) Submitting the form does not guarantee admission.

(xix) List of candidates selected for the Admission Test/Group Discussion will be put up on the school notice board and on the school website : under ADMISSIONS -> CLASS XI -> Lists and Schedules.


All candidates applying for Science will have to appear for an offline three hour written Qualifying Test in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. The date and syllabus of the same is enlisted on the school website: under ADMISSIONS -> CLASS XI -> Admission Test Syllabus. Admit card for the Qualifying Test to be downloaded from CAMPUSCARE.

All candidates applying for Elective English will have to appear for an offline one hour written Qualifying Test in English. The date and syllabus of the same is enlisted on the school website: under ADMISSIONS -> CLASS XI -> Admission Test Syllabus. Admit card for the Qualifying Test to be downloaded from CAMPUSCARE.

All candidates applying for Commerce and Humanities will participate in an Offline Group Discussion. The candidates will be given TIME SLOTS for the same. These will be sent to the candidate’s email id registered with CAMPUS CARE.

Please note that a student wanting to take Mathematics as a subject in Class XI (Commerce or Humanities stream) will be given the subject provisionally if she has secured at least 40% in the last major school examination. Moreover, she will be able to retain the subject only if she is able to attain at least 70% in the Board Examination.


Lists and Schedules

Application for Admission 

Candidates interested in applying for Class XI need to fill the form by clicking on the link given below between Friday 27th October, 2023 to Tuesday 12th December, 2023. 

The application form should be submitted after filling up all the details and attaching the required documents.

Instructions to open the form :

• Click on the link given below to open the required URL.

• Click on Login and create your account.

• Click on Click given under ‘Thanks for your registration’.

• Click on ‘Admission’.

• Select Session ‘2024-25’.

• Select ‘Class XI’ and click on ‘Proceed’.

• Select ‘Sushila Birla Girls’ School’.

• Click on ‘Apply Now’.

• Give the date of birth and click on ‘Check Availability’.

• Click on Proceed.

• Read the instructions carefully and click on Next.

• Fill the basic information.

• Make the required payment.

• Click on ‘Click here’ to open campus care website to complete the application form fill up process.

Click here to Apply


Subject Combination

2024 - 25

• English Core / English Elective
• Physics
• Chemistry
• Mathematics / Biology / Computer Science  
• Economics / Psychology / Financial Markets Management (Skill based Subject) / Physical Education / Legal Studies
• Hindi Core / Bengali - (Compulsory)

• English Core / English Elective
• Accountancy
• Business Studies / Legal Studies
• Economics / Psychology / Entrepreneurship
• Mathematics / Applied Mathematics / Informatics Practices / Physical Education / Financial Markets Management (Skill based Subject) / Painting / Fashion Studies (Skill subject in Board)
• Hindi Core / Bengali - (Compulsory)

• English Core / English Elective
• Political Science / Geography / Sociology
• History / Economics / Legal Studies
• Psychology / Entrepreneurship / Home Science
• Mathematics / Applied Mathematics / Informatics Practices / Physical Education / Financial Markets Management (Skill based Subject) / Painting / Fashion Studies (Skill subject in Board
• Hindi Core / Bengali - (Compulsory)

Admission Test 

Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics Written Examination

Time: 3 hours    
Maximum Marks
: 100

MaximumMarks : 40

1. Trigonometry-problem on heights and distances included

2. Real numbers

3. Polynomials

4. Pair of Linear Equation in two variables

5. Triangles-Similar triangles and Pythagoras theorem

6. Statistics-Mean, Median and Mode

7. Quadratic Equations - Including word problems

8. Arithmetic Progression

9. Circles-Tangents

10. Probability

11. Coordinate Geometry

12. Mensuration - Area related to circles and surface areas and volumes

Maximum Marks:30

1. Current Electricity

2. Magnetic Effects of Current

3. Reflection of Light

4. Refraction of Light

Maximum Marks:30

1.Chemical Reactions and Equations

2. Acids Bases and Salts

3. Metals and Non-Metals

4. Carbon and its Compounds


English Elective Syllabus – Written Examination

Time: 1 hour 
Maximum Marks: 50

Reading: Critical appreciation of a poem

Writing: Essay writing