Adequate and well equipped facilities provide for the pursuit of a variety of physically and educationally appropriate co-curricular activities and thereby facilitates career orientation, self-sufficiency and the development of specific skills


Karate is a Japanese form of martial arts which is practised with enthusiasm by the middle and senior school students. In a bid to empower the child physically in all respects, the school provides a learning platform for this martial art form which not only promotes their ability to defend themselves but also increases their mental and physical strength.


Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice that enables one to connect with her inner self. The yoga classes for all students of the school increase the flexibility of the physique and help in complete detoxification of the body.


The dance classes cater to the physical and mental health of the students. Dance reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and ensures weight control, stress reduction and physical fitness among all students.


Art is considered to be the language of imagination and creativity. Hence the art classes are designed to enhance the students’ power of discovering their hidden artistic talent and expressing new thoughts.


Craft classes develop the imagination of students. These classes aim at improving fine motor coordination and enhance their spatial ability.


To quote Shakespeare, ‘If music be the food of love, play on’. Music is an integral part of the curriculum as it helps a child to give vent to her creative side through exercises in rhythm, ensures a number of health benefits including lowering stress levels, raising states of consciousness, stabilizing fluctuating moods and developing the brain. It is also useful in meditation.

Physical Education and Games

With the onslaught of technology and every student’s preoccupation with it, involvement in outdoor activity has become imperative. Physical Education and Games classes not only keep students fit but also hone their leadership skills by engaging them in making strategies and game plans.


A plethora of clubs in the school meant for all students up to class VIII enable them to identify their latent interests and fine-tune their skills. We have the following clubs :


Adventure Elocution
Book Debate
Drama Computer
Quiz Photography
Science and Nature Cookery
Scrabble Yoga
Coding Aerobics
Singing Chess
Skating Bulbuls