International Policy of the School

In pursuance of our  school's mission of empowering  the girl student, providing an international dimension to the curriculum which would develop the critical thinking faculties of the student and help her to develop into a responsible global citizen forms  an essential part of our education policy.

As the world is becoming ‘smaller’, the international dimension in the curriculum ensures that the student learns to appreciate the diversity of different cultures and societies. More importantly, she will be able to work collaboratively with her peers in other countries  which would help her integrate into the global society.

Since this element was introduced by the school in 2005 when we first participated in the International School Awards (ISA) of the British Council,  it has grown in leaps and bounds. Today, we  have collaborations with schools in a number of countries thereby providing a truly global dimension to our  curriculum. The ISA provides an excellent platform for internationalising the school's curriculum.

Exploratory visits to schools in the UK by the Principal and the Coordinator for Outreach Programmes in 2005 and 2007  led to our first partnership with St. Nicholas School, Fleet Hampshire, UK. This partnership has, apart from conducting collaborative projects, seen exchange visits of students and teachers. The visits have enabled both students and teachers to experience and understand the ambience and educational techniques/systems of each other. 

Our school has since then developed partnerships with Kunming No 8 High School in China, Lycée Saint Joseph de Lamballe and Collège Sacré Coeur Brittany, France and Amandeus Abendroth Gymnasium in Cuxhaven, Germany. Exchange visits of both students and teachers form a major element of these partnerships. Joint projects, exchange of information on identified topics supplemented by Internet Video calls help students familiarise themselves with the educational practices and cultural diversity of these countries. The partnerships have proved to be of immense benefit for the learning outcomes of the students.

Ever since the unprecedented situation which has cropped up due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the teaching methodology has undergone a sea change. However, we intend to continue to develop links with schools in other countries on the virtual platform till the situation normalises.

These exchanges expand the knowledge quotient of the students and help them develop a global outlook.  Hence, our school is committed to continue, with greater emphasis, the international aspect of our curriculum.

Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace

As per Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 an Internal Complaint Committee is in place with the Principal of this school as Presiding Officer.

Any complaint will have to be made to the said Presiding Officer within 3 months of occurrence of an incident of sexual harassment.