• Class V

    Dear Parents,

    Kindly note the following:

    1. The schedule for the Half Yearly Examination is as follows:

    Day & Date


    Tuesday, 20th August 2019

    English Literature

    Wednesday, 21st August 2019


    Thursday, 22nd August 2019

    Hindi / Bengali

    Monday, 26th August 2019

    English Language

    Tuesday, 27th August 2019


    Wednesday, 28th August 2019


    Thursday, 29th August 2019


    Friday, 30th August 2019


    2. Reporting Time                                -           8:15 am

        Question paper distribution              -           8:25 am

        Reading Time                                   -           8:25 am to 8:35 am

        Writing Time                                     -           8:35 am to 10:05 am

    3.         Maximum Marks for each examination: 40 Marks

    4.         Dispersal of students will be against I.D. Cards at 10.10 a.m.

    5.         The syllabus will be notified to the students in class and thereafter be uploaded in the website.  

    6.         Students to bring a transparent pouch with pen, pencil, eraser, ruler etc.

    7.         Classes will remain suspended for the students of Class V on Monday, 19th August 2019.

    8.         Extra activities before and after school hours will remains suspended for the students of Class V from Monday, 19th August to Friday, 30th August 2019.

    9.         Normal classes for Class V will resume from Monday, 2nd September 2019.

    Thank you,

    Yours truly,

    Mrs.V. Panja

  • Classes I – XII

    Dear Parents,

    The SOF (Science Olympiad Foundation) Olympiad Examinations are being organized in school for the students of Classes I – XII on the following dates:

    IEO (English)              -           Tuesday, 5th November 2019

    NSO (Science)           -           Monday, 11th November 2019

    IMO (Mathematics)    -           Thursday, 5th December 2019

    NCO (Cyber)              -           Thursday, 28th November 2019

    The above tests are optional and interested students may register for the same. The registration fee is Rs.125/- only (including GST) per test. Please send the registration fees in separate sealed envelopes with the name of the student, class and examination to your daughter’s Class Teacher by Wednesday, 24th July 2019.

    Thank you,

    Yours sincerely,

    S. Bose

  • Classes VI - X

    Dear Parents,

    We are organizing an optional two day workshop for students having Bengali as second language from Classes VI to X. “BoiChuti” is a reading and writing workshop which will encourage the students to read and express themselves more through their mother tongue.  The workshop will be conducted by Ms Chayanika Chakraborty, a publisher and writer.  The dates and timings of the workshop are as follows :

    1st  August 2019  from  10:00 am – 12 noon

    2nd August 2019  from  10:00 am – 12 noon

    The cost of the workshop is Rs 550/- per student.  Should you wish your daughter to participate in the above workshop kindly send Rs 550/-  in cash to the Librarian,  Mrs  Bhowmick by  22nd July 2019.

    Thank you,

    Yours sincerely,

    S. Bose





    My daughter ________________________________ of Class __________  Section ________


    will attend the Bengali workshop to be held on 1st and 2nd August 2019.




                                                                                                                        Parent’s Signature

  • Class I

    Dear Parents,

    The Students of class I will be taken for a field trip to Rowdon Street crossing. The objective is to make them aware of their neighbourhood.

    Trip date:            Monday, 22nd July 2019

    Time:                  8:30 am to 9:30 am

    The trip will be undertaken subject to weather conditions. The students will be accompanied by their class teachers and parents who have volunteered to go with the group.

    Thank you,

    Yours truly,

    Mrs. V. Panja

  • Nursery – Class III

    Dear Parents,

    On the basis of the feedback received from parents regarding difficulty in meeting the Computer teacher on Open House Day, we have organized for parents to meet the Computer teacher, Mrs. D. Chatterjee in the Computer Lab according to the following schedule:


    DAY & DATE



    Monday,  22.07.2019

    8:30 am


    Tuesday,  23.07.2019

    8:30 am

    Class I

    Wednesday, 24.07.2019

    8:30 am

    Class II

    Thursday,  25.07.2019

    8:30 am

    Class III

    Friday,  26.07.2019

    8:30 am


    Please note that the Computer teacher will not meet the parents of Nursery, KG, Classes I, II and III on Open House Day (Friday, 2nd August 2019).

    Please confirm your participation in the above by writing a note in your daughter’s diary by Friday, 19th July 2019. 

    Thank you,

    Yours truly,

    Mrs. V. Panja

  • Class IX                                                                                                                        

    Dear Parents,

    All students of Class IX will be going to Narendrapur for a field trip on Tuesday, 16th July 2019, within school hours.

    Thank you,

    Yours sincerely

    S. Bose