Notice No. 12/2020-21

Classes VI - XII

Dear Parents,

Online classes have been in progress and teachers have covered a substantial portion. No teaching – learning process is complete without some form of assessment.

1. Syllabus-About 50% of the matter covered, details of which will be given to you by the subject teacher  However, for students of Class XI it will be all the topics that have been taught since June 1st 2020.

2. Revision-From July 9th – 15th 2020 teachers will be conducting revision sessions during their class time.

3. Study leave-From July 16th-19th 2020 classes will be suspended.

4. Assessments-Beginning from July 20th 2020.

   (a) Written Assessment-M.C.Q.- 7 marks and long answers - 8 marks (4+4)

   (b) Oral Assessment - 5 marks

5. Those facing technical problems are requested to come to school between July 15th and 17th from resolve these issues .Please carry your device, I.D. and password.

6. Kindly check the timetable for the Written and Oral Assessments (attachments)

Thank you,

S. Bose

Click to view the Written Assessment Time Table

Click to view the Oral Assessment Time Table