Notice No. 17/2020-21

Classes VI - XII

Dear Parents,

As an institution deeply committed to the true ethos of education, we have always been extremely concerned about the emotional wellbeing of all our students.  In these times the children are confined within the four walls of their homes and meeting their peers and friends is out of bounds.

However, since social interaction plays an important role in reducing the impact of stress and helping to foster a sense of meaning and purpose in life, we have decided to reduce each class by 10 minutes for students from Classes VI to XII and create an ‘Interval’ of 40 minutes. During this time students will be free to interact with their class mates without the teacher being present which will enable them to unwind.

We hope with this measure in place, our students will continue to enjoy positive self-esteem.The new timings from Monday, 17th August, 2020 will therefore be as follows :

8.15 am to 8.30 am            CT Period

8.30 am to 9.20 am            1st Period

9.20 am to 9.35 am            Break

9.35 am to 10.25 am          2nd period

10.25 am to 11.05 am        INTERVAL

11.05 am to 11.55 am        3rd Period

11.55 am to 12.10 pm       Break

12.10 pm to 1.00 pm         4th period

Thank you and stay safe,

S. Bose