Notice No. 25/2021-22

Class X

Dear Parents,

A career counselling programme has been organized for the students of Class X which is optional.  Career DNA from Kolkata will be conducting this. The programme includes :

  1. Comprehensive Profile Assessment
  2. Group Counselling and  Psychometric Assessment – interest, ability, personality
  3. Handwriting Analysis
  4. Individual Counselling
  5. One year query management

The Psychometric Assessment will take place on 30th and 31st July 2021, the timings of which are as follows:

Class X A & X B – 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm  (30th July 2021)

Class X C & X D – 11:00 am to 12:30 pm (31st July 2021)

The fee charged will be Rs.1500/- per student. Payment is to be made directly to CAREER DNA bank account. Please keep in mind that the programme is optional.    Students who wish to enroll for the above programme should give their names to their respective  class teachers by the 24th July 2021.

The details of Career DNA will be shared by their class teacher. Kindly get in touch with them to process the payment.

Thank you,
Yours sincerely,

K Dey