Re: ‘Aadhaar’  Card

Dear Parents

Pursuant to the directions of the Home Department, Government of West Bengal, all the students of all schools need to be enrolled under ‘Aadhaar’.  The Kolkata Municipal Corporation is taking steps to set up camps in all schools for enrolling the students under Aadhaar in the schools itself for the convenience of the parents and students.

In this connection, you are requested to fill in the form given below.  If your child already has an Aadhaar card kindly mention in the same.  If not, fill in all the necessary details which will be required for making an ‘Aadhaar’ card.

Please note that this scheme is applicable to students aged 5 years (as on 1/5/2017) and above.

Thank you


S. Bose





Kindly tick:-


My child has/does not have an ‘Aadhaar ‘ Card.


If she does not have a card, kindly fill in the requisite details in block letters.


Name: __________________________________

Date of birth___________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________________

Blood Group of the child: ____________________________  Contact No. of Parent________________

Father’s Name &  ‘Aadhaar’ Card No:____________________________________________________

Mother’s Name & ‘Aadhaar’ Card No:____________________________________________________