Notice No.01/2021-22

Class VI 

Dear Parents,

In accordance with the recommendations of CBSE, the school offers the students of Classes VI the following as optionals for the subject “Art Education” :

  1. Art and Craft
  2. Dance (Indian Classical)
  3. Music :  (i) Eastern Vocal   (ii) Western Vocal

It is mandatory for every student to select one of the above which will be assessed under the umbrella term of Art Education.

Please note that once the choice has been made, your daughter is expected to continue with the subject till Class X.


K. Dey


Kindly fill up the form given below and mail it to your daughter’s Class Teacher by Wednesday 21st April 2021.


My daughter ____________________________of Class ______ Section _______will pursue ___________________________ for Art Education from the academic session 2021-22.



                                                                                                                  Parent’s Signature