Notice No.08/2021-22

Nursery – Class XII

Dear Parents,

As you are aware, the second wave of pandemic has proved to be more devastating than the first one.  Along with the virus, scarcity of basic requirements has hit many people, very hard.  As a school that cares, we wish to extend help to our fellow citizens through the project, ‘Humanity over Calamity’

We have planned to provide grocery, stationery and hygiene kits to ten organizations which cater to underprivileged infants and children, differently abled children and elderly people.

We have also thought of conducting virtual sessions with the children of Rise, Krishnanagar, one of the recipients of digital devices from our school last year (as part of the project “Bridge the Digital Divide”).  These sessions will be conducted by our senior students along with the school counsellors and teachers.  This will be our way of showing kindness and empathy towards them  and also sensitizing our students.

Since you  are an integral part of our SBGS family, this mission will not have the desired impact  without your cooperation and support.  Therefore, we would like to request you to donate either grocery, stationery, sanitizers, baby food or towels (as will be  specified by the Class Teacher).

You can send these to the school through online delivery system / personally.  Kindly mention the name of your ward, class, section, the item and quantity of the packets.

Further details will be furnished by the respective class teachers.  Let us be humane and win over this calamity.

Thank you,

Yours sincerely,

K Dey