Notice No.09/2019-20

KG – Class V

Dear Parent,

Here is the menu for the months of April and May 2019. Please follow it from Friday, 12.04.2019

MONDAY             •   Vegetable Poha,  cucumber sticks and walnuts.    

TUESDAY             •   Dal chilla, de-seeded watermelon  / any summer fruit and dry peanut chikki.

WEDNESDAY        •   Vegetable vermicelli upma, homemade Lassi/chaas, almonds and raisins.                                        

THURSDAY          •   Cucumber cheese sandwich, cashew nut and muskmelon/ any summer fruit.

FRIDAY                •   Dalia with vegetables,  de-seeded dates and grapes.



          •   The quantity of the food packed should be appropriate to the appetite of your child.

          •   A napkin must be brought daily to school.

          •   Do not send packaged food items like chips and Kurkure.

          •   Nuts are healthy and may be added to your daughter’s tiffin every day.

          •   Minimum oil should be used.

Yours truly,

Mrs. V. Panja