Notice No.114/2023-24

Nursery – Class XII

Dear Parents,

This is to inform you that in a recent visit to Jiling Sereng, a remote village in Purulia, two of our teachers noted the sad plight of about 100 families there who face the chill of the winter season without adequate clothes. 

We are organizing an emergency donation drive to provide relief to these families. We request you to donate old clothes which are in a wearable condition to the Class Teacher of your ward by 1st December, 2023. 

Any of the following items may be donated:

  1. T- shirt / shirt
  2. Pajama / Trousers (not jeans)
  3. Saree
  4. Blouse
  5. Petticoat
  6. Sweater (full sleeves / half sleeves)
  7. Shawl
  8. Frock
  9. Woollen cap
  10. Muffler
  11. Woollen socks
  12. Half pants / full pants, t-shirts /shirts for young boys

Thank you,

Yours sincerely,
K Dey