Notice No.116/2023-24

Classes III, V and VIII

Dear Parents,

NEP 2020 guidelines recommend competency-based assessments for students of Class III onwards. These competency tests would cover case-based and assertion reasoning-based questions and especially test cognitive skills and conceptual depth. Thus, we would like the students to participate in an assessment test called ASSET (Assessment of Scholastic Skills through Educational Testing) developed by Educational Initiatives- A team of IIM-Ahmedabad Alumni.

Under the aegis of EI ASSET, we are organising ASSET tests in English, Mathematics and Science in January 2024. The dates of the tests will be intimated later.

All students will receive a Certificate and the ASSET Student MyBook. The ASSET Student MyBook is a personalized instructional material for each student based on the results. It contains the detailed result highlighting the student’s strengths and weaknesses, practice questions along with explanations and answers.

Participation is compulsory for all students of Classes III, V and VIII. The registration fee for the same will be borne by the school management.

Please visit for more information on how ASSET is helping students across the country. Students may register themselves at  to get practice questions.

Thank you

Yours sincerely,

K Dey