Notice No.12/2021-22

Nursery - Class XII

Dear Parents,

We trust that you are well and so are your children, the students of Sushila Birla Girls’ School. We hope that you have perused Circular No.10 dated 10.5.2021 regarding fees for the session 2021-22.

Your attention is further drawn to the following regarding payment of fees from 1st April, 2021 for the session 2021-22.

  1. You may choose to make payment in full of the proposed fee for 2021-22 (referred to as PF) in which case your kind attention is drawn to Circular no.10, para 6 & 7.
  2. You may wish to avail of the discounted fees of 80% of the fees of 2019-20 as per Court Order, till physical reopening of school. In which case your kind attention is drawn to Notice No.10, para 6 & 8.

The fees heads (per month) relating to online facilities being provided, against which 80% fees is being charged are as under :

Fees Head Breakdown

80% of Fees of 2019-20 (P.M.)


Tuition Fee (Nursery - X)



Tuition Fee (XI & XII)



Session Fee (Nursery – XII)



Assessment Fee (Nursery – XII)



Co-curricular Activity Fee

(Nursery – XII)



ICT Fee (Nursery – XII)




Chargeable fees (per month) for those parents who wish to pay 100% is elaborated below :

Total (Nursery – II)


Total (III – VIII)


Total (IX – X)


Total (XI – XII)



Our school stands firm in its commitment to providing quality education and holistic development for all students and we seek your cooperation in the continued smooth functioning of the school.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

K. Dey