Notice No.146/2022-23

Classes VII & VIII

Dear Parents

This is to inform you that all students of Class VIII and students of Class VII studying 2nd language Bengali will be taken on a field trip to Alipore Jail Museum on Friday, 27th January 2023. The objective of the field trip is to enable students to gain an insight into the hardships faced by the freedom fighters due to their incarceration.

The students will be accompanied by their History and Bengali teachers.

Please note that dismissal will take place from school at the scheduled time.

Kindly sign the consent form and send it through your daughter on 27.01.2023.

Thank you

Yours sincerely

K. Dey

I agree /do not agree to send my daughter _________________ of Class _____________

Section_______ on a field trip to Alipore Jail Museum on 27.01.2023.                                                           


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