Notice No.157/2018-19

Dear Parents,

After careful examination and due consideration of the impact of escalation of costs of goods and services inclusive of the manpower and all necessary accessories required for maintenance and upliftment of the standard of education for advancement of the career of the students to the satisfaction of parents / guardians, the management seeks co-operation to  implement w.e.f. academic session 2019-20 the restructuring of the fees of the school / institution to the extent as formulated and tabulated below :

                                                                                            Fees per month (Nursery – X only)

Tuition Fees (Payable quarterly)                                                             Rs.3390/-

Session Charges (Payable bi-annually)                                                 Rs.2800/-

Computer Fee (Payable quarterly)                                                          Rs.750/-

Assessment Fee / Examination Fee (Payable quarterly)                  Rs.700/-

ICT Fee (Payable quarterly)                                                                      Rs.600/-

Remaining components of fees are however remain unchanged.

Adding further for information of all concerned that the existing scheme of awarding scholarships and due commitment to statutes will continue as usual.

Thank you,
Yours sincerely,