Notice No.171/2017–18


Dear Parents,

Please make it convenient to meet your daughter’s KG class teacher on Monday, 26.03.2018 any time between 9 am and 11 am for the following:

  • Return your daughter’s old I.D. Card and receive the new one for the session 2018-19.
  • Submit the following books and stationery  

      a.4 pcs. 80 pages medium narrow 4 line interleaf exercise books

      b.1 pc. 80 pages medium check line ½ inch exercise book

      c.1 pc. 80pages  medium broad double line exercise book

      d.Firefly , The Art of Drawing and Colouring – B

      e.Firefly Numbers 1-100. Book – C

      f.My Second Activity Book

      g.1 pc. multicolour Scrap Book

      h.1 pc. 20 pages Drawing Book

      i.Hindi / Bengali text books

      j.Impressions Primer A and B

      k.1 pc. Paint brush (No.10)

      l.1 pc. Fevicol tube (100 gms)

      m.1 bundle (160 sheets) Blank coloured sheets

Please note:

  • No other books need to be submitted.
  • The exercise books need not be covered.
  • The student’s name, class & section must be written on the exercise books with a marker pen.
  • One pencil pouch containing 3 sharpened pencils and one eraser and a separate pencil pouch containing crayons must be kept in the student’s school bag and brought to school everyday.
  • Text books are to be covered and labelled.
  • Exercise books and stationery items are to be labelled.

Thank you

Yours truly,

Mrs. M. Sengupta