Notice No.179/2018–19

KG – Class V

Dear Parent,

Here is the menu for the month of February 2019. Please follow it from Monday, 04.02.2019.

MONDAY           • Poha   OR   Vegetable Cutlet and bread

                         • Any fruit                                         

TUESDAY          • Peas paratha   OR  Dal chilla

                          • Dry Fruits Chikki

WEDNESDAY     • Dhokla    OR  Bread Pulao

                          • Assorted Dry Fruits                                        

THURSDAY         • Vegetable sandwich    OR   Vegetable Vermicelli Uppma

  •  A slice of cake                                       

FRIDAY              • Dalia with vegetables    OR    Pav Bhaji

                          • An  Orange


• Nuts are healthy and may be added to your daughter’s tiffin every day.
Minimum oil should be used.
The quantity of the food packed should be appropriate to the appetite of your child.
A napkin must be brought daily to school.
Do not send packaged food items like chips and Kurkure. Home-made chips or popcorn are better substitutes.

Yours truly,

Mrs. M. Sengupta