Notice No.19/2022-23

Classes I – VI

Dear Parents,

We, at Sushila Birla Girls’ School, have always worked towards supporting the wellbeing of our students. The heavy weight of the school bag is, therefore, a matter of concern for the school as well as the parents.

Certain suggestions were offered by some of the parents and teachers during a meeting in this regard. The following measures might prove to be beneficial to the students:

        •  Textbooks can be shared by a pair of students.

        •  Students are allowed to leave some of the books in their classrooms.

        •  They can photocopy the chapter being done in class and bring the same instead of the whole book.

        •  Students can bring a separate handbag so that the weight of the bag is divided.

        •  They should carry water bottles with straps. Encourage them to drink water from the school to avoid carrying heavy water bottles.

        •  They should strictly abide by the time table.

        •  Students should be encouraged to repack their bags on a daily basis to avoid carrying unnecessary articles.

        •  They should not carry heavy pencil pouches, tiffin boxes etc. to school.

If all or even some of the above can be followed, we are sure it will reduce the weight of the bag.

Yours truly,

K Dey