Notice No.36/2017–18

KG – Class V

Dear Parent,

Here is the menu for the month of June and July 2017. Please follow it from Monday, 26.06.2017.

MONDAY               -  ● Paneer Tikki with Bread  OR  Vegetable Chowmein

                                  ● Dates / Nuts

TUESDAY               -  ● Vermicelli Upma   OR  Vegetable Burger.

                                   * Recipe for Vermicelli Upma attached. Click here to download.

                                   ● Fruit Chaat.

WEDNESDAY         -  ● Cucumber Sandwich  OR Vegetable Poha.

                                   ● Slice of cake / Muffin

THURSDAY            -  ● Pav Bhaji OR Besan Chilla

                                   ● Dry fruit  / Chikki

 FRIDAY                  -  ● Bread Pulao   OR  Paneer Roll 

                                   ●   Any Seasonal Fruit.


  • Nuts are healthy and may be added to your daughter’s tiffin every day.
  • Minimum oil should be used.
  • The quantity of the food packed should be appropriate to the appetite of your child.
  • A napkin must be brought daily to school.
  • Do not send packaged food items like chips and Kurkure. Home-made chips or popcorn are better substitutes.


Yours truly,

Mrs. M. Sengupta