Notice No.66/2021-22

Classes IX and XI

                                   ADVISORY FOR STUDENTS AND PARENTS

  1. Guidelines to be followed by students before entering the school :
  1. All students are to observe social distancing and stand on the designated stickers at the entry points in a disciplined manner. All students must avoid gatherings in front of the gates.
  2. Queue Managers will be placed at each gate. Students, after getting their temperature checked and hands sanitized, must move to their designated classes.
  3. No student or visitor will be allowed entry into school without masks. The student must wear a 2 ply face mask of appropriate size, carry a small bottle of sanitizer and disposable bags for covid waste on a daily basis.
  4. Students must come to school in proper uniform.
  5. Parents and visitors are to seek prior appointment before entry into the school.
  6. Students should not come to school if they have fever, cold or any other ailments.


  1. Guidelines to be followed by students during school hours :
  1. Students must enter their designated classrooms at the specified time.
  2. Students must sit in the assigned place as directed by the teacher.
  3. Morning prayers will be conducted in the respective classrooms.
  4. Students must not form close clusters with friends.
  5. Students must not share exercise books, bags, food or drinking water with their classmates.
  6. During physical education classes, innovative games will be played maintaining physical distance.
  7. All must bring their own tiffin and drinking water from home and must remain in their classes during the break.
  8. Students must wash their hands at regular intervals and follow the designated instructions for the same.
  9. Students will be allowed to use the washroom only by turns.
  10. Covid wastes of students should not be thrown in the common dustbin but should be put into the disposable bags carried by the students regularly.


  1. Guidelines to be followed by students after school hours:
  1. All students are to observe social distancing and move out of the classrooms maintaining a line in a disciplined manner. All students must avoid gatherings in front of the gates after dispersal.
  2. The school will fumigate and sanitize all the classrooms, laboratories, lab equipment on a daily basis.
  3. The school expects controlled and disciplined behaviour from the students at the time of entry, during the school hours and at dispersal time.
  4. There will be an orientation programme for the parents and students regarding the physical re-opening of school soon.
  5. A separate isolation room has been identified which will be properly sanitized and equipped for any exigencies.
  6. A notice containing guidelines, to be followed, will be affixed at all gates for all stakeholders.
  7. In case students are out of station, parents must ensure that they are back in the city before the scheduled date of the re-opening of school.

As always, we solicit the support of the parents of our pupils to make the transition smooth from the online to the physical mode of classes as we gradually inch back to the old times.

Waiting to have you back in school soon.

Best regards,

K Dey