Notice No.97/2022-23

Classes I to V

Dear Parents, 

This is to inform you that Round 2 of the All India Inter School Arithmetic Genius Contest 2022 will not take place at Don Bosco, Park Circus on 27th November 2022 as scheduled. The organisers have informed us that the event had to be cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances.  

SIP ABACUS has assured us that they will communicate with the parents of the winners of Round 1 and conduct the Round 2 test by December 2022 at the SIP Abacus centres in smaller groups. 

For clarifications regarding the date and time, please contact your chosen SIP ABACUS CENTRE. The list of centres is given on the reverse side of the Hall Entry Letter given to the students.

Thank you,

Yours truly,

Mrs. V. Panja