Raman Young Science Innovator Award

The RYSI Award has been instituted to create interest in Science at a young age, leading to more children taking up STEM as a career. The award aims to establish Science as a fun and interesting domain comprising activities that can be performed anywhere with simple materials.

The award, commemorating the discovery of the Raman Effect on 28th February 1928 is open to all the students of classes III - X.

The participants are expected to come up with hands-on science activities that demonstrate a principle in the selected topic. Working models, toys or experiments that help demonstrate a scientific principle may be submitted.

 We are proud to announce that this year the students of classes VI - X of Sushila Birla Girls’ School participated enthusiastically in this drive.

The journey began from 15th August 2020 when students were notified about it. They were encouraged and guided to participate in the Raman Awards. Around 55 students from classes VI - X had registered for this award.

There were three preliminary stages. Any student who had registered, was allowed to participate in each of the three preliminary stages with the opportunity of submitting a total of six innovations (three in 1st preliminary, two in 2nd preliminary and one in the 3rd preliminary round). Top submissions from each round got a direct entry to the National Finals.

Around 30 participants made their videos on various innovative science activities, uploaded them on YouTube and submitted them on the site. Along with the videos, they submitted a PDF document of their experimental activity. They were judged on the basis of following criteria.

1. Originality of the idea.
2. Effectiveness of establishing the scientific theory.
3. Availability of required materials. 
4. The fun quotient.

The certificate of ‘SCHOOL OF SCIENCE ACCELERATOR’ was given to SBGS in recognition of its contribution in promoting hands on science education on 29th November, 2020.

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