Janmashtami Celebrations - 2019

Janmashtami, Lord Krishna’s birthday was celebrated on 22nd August by the Nursery and K.G. students with great devotion and enthusiasm. A ‘Jhanki’ related to the life of Lord Krishna was displayed in school. A beautiful dramatization of his childhood was done by the teachers. This was followed by pot painting activity.

On Wednesday, 21st August, Nursery was taken to Meera Mandir. The story of Lord Krishna’s birth was narrated by the temple priest. Students sang devotional songs and danced too. Some of them were dressed as ‘Radha’ and ‘Krishna’. On Tuesday, 27th August, KG students were taken to Kejriwal House, Alipore to see a colourful display on Lord Krishna’s life, depicting the victory of good over evil. They were awe-struck to see beautiful clay idols depicting interesting events from his life -  his birth, stealing butter with mother Yashoda punishing him for the same, enjoying ‘Raas Lila’ with the ‘Gopis’ etc. It was indeed a visual treat for the children.                    



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